Diogo Rodrigues de Uzeda photo

Diogo Rodrigues de Uzeda

Job Seeker
São Carlos, São Paulo, Brazil, Passively seeking, Willing to relocate

Professional Bio

I am a job seeker currently located in São Carlos, São Paulo, Brazil. I am looking for a job at the Mid-Senior level level in the following industries: Design, UI / UX Design and Product Design. I have experience with the following skills: Adobe Creative Suit, Sketch and XD, Concept Design, Prototyping, CSS, Wordpress, 3D Modeling, and have a salary expectation of $40,000 - $75,000.

Industry Experience

  • Branding
  • Industrial Design
  • Product Designer
  • UI design
  • Web Design

Professional Experience

  • Adobe Creative Suite (10+ yrs)
  • Art Director (9 yrs)
  • CSS (10+ yrs)
  • Concept Design (8 yrs)
  • Design - UI (5 yrs)
  • Language - English (10+ yrs)
  • Prototyping (3 yrs)
  • Sketch (2 yrs)
  • WordPress (3 yrs)
  • jQuery (5 yrs)

Career Level

  • Mid-Senior level

Employment Type

  • Freelance

Matters About Job

  • Company Culture

Preferred Company Culture

  • Start-Up / Free Spirit

Preferred Management Style

  • Caring Mentor

Personality Type

  • Extroverted (Outgoing)

Preferred Work Schedule

  • Flexible / Work From Home

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