Dating Among Professionals: By The Numbers

Our data science team examines the age and personality preferences of more than 10,000 professionals who have created a dating profile in Q1 2018.

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Trump Approval Ratings: Opportunity vs. Quinnipiac

Opportunity polls its member network to understand Trump approval ratings among business professionals in the U.S.

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2018 Regional Salary Trends In The United States

Opportunity analyzed the data of more than 1 million combined job seekers and hiring managers within our business network to better understand salary expectations in each region across the United States.

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Q4 2017 Regional U.S. Employment Trends: Supply vs. Demand

Opportunity breaks down employment trends in the United States by region in an effort to understand the supply vs. demand of the current job market.

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Employment Trends: Top 10 U.S. Workforce Skills For 2018

The Opportunity professional network identifies workforce trends in the United States heading into 2018 among it's 2 million+ members.

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Q4 2016 Regional U.S. Employment Trends: Supply vs. Demand

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