Use of Social Media by Professionals Across the United States

Opportunity, Inc. conducted a survey of social media usage by business professionals across the United States.

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Engineering Opportunities: Stack Trends Q2 2017

Below is a breakdown of the most popular technology skills offered (and sought after) by the more than 2,000,000 combined job seekers and hiring managers using the Opportunity network.

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2017 Survey Report: Business Commuting In The United States

Using a subset of the more than 2,000,000 business professionals within the Opportunity network, this survey attempts to understand the daily commuting habits of the average American worker.

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2017 Sales & Marketing Sentiment Survey

In 2017, Opportunity, Inc. conducted a survey to evaluate cooperation between sales and marketing teams at firms differing in size, geography and customer profile. The objective of the study was to evaluate how well sales and marketing teams share information and whether they are appropriately aligned to target customers. In addition, the survey evaluated a number of factors that can impact sales, including the quantity of leads, quality of leads and the quality of product messaging.  The survey was sent to a small subset of sales and marketing professionals among Opportunity's network of 2,000,000+ members worldwide.

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Most In Demand Skills Sought By Top Companies in 2017

A results comparison of the skills sought by hiring managers at the top companies on both the Opportunity and LinkedIn business networks.

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SMB Marketing Poll: Social Media Marketing Effectiveness Is Overrated

A List of Job Seeker Statistics and Employment Trends for 2017

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American Perceptions of How the Trump Presidency Will Affect the US Job Market

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