Frequently Asked Questions

Does it cost anything to join Opportunity?

Yes and No. We provide a Basic Membership that allows you to access up to 10 new opportunities (leads) per day. These are referred to as 'unlocked' leads - which you can direct message at any time. However, in most cases, Opportunity is able to generate hundreds of leads for our members each month. Accessing these leads requires a PRO Membership. In addition to being able to unlock all of your leads, our PRO Membership allows you to access valuable features such as Advanced Messaging and the ability to add more locations to your account. To learn more about all of the advantages to PRO Membership visit:

Is Opportunity associated with LinkedIn?

We have NO affiliation with LinkedIn.

What makes Opportunity different from other business networks?

Similar to popular dating applications that use matching algorithms to connect you with people for social reasons... Opportunity applies this same concept to connecting you with people who are a good fit for your business, your career and more. Unlike other business networks (i.e. LinkedIn) which require you to spend valuable time searching through thousands of profiles (resumes) to uncover opportunities... Opportunity does the work for you. Each day our system scans our network of millions of professional profiles to proactively connect you with people who have indicated they need your services, skills and more. Opportunity is all about connecting you with people you should know... not the people you already know.

Who uses Opportunity?

Millions of professionals from 190+ countries in every industry imaginable use Opportunity everyday to grow their network, advance their business and further their career. If you are a professional in need of sales leads, new job opportunities (or job candidates) or simply wish to grow your network in a more intelligent way, Opportunity is for you.

What Is Opportunity?

Opportunity is a 21st century business network that actively searches for opportunities (leads) to help grow your business, advance your career and more.

Opportunity uses a matching algorithm to:
  1. Generate sales for businesses
  2. Identify qualified job candidates for hiring managers
  3. Discover employment opportunities for job seekers
  4. Connect people for the purpose of networking based on shared interests and more.
To date, Opportunity has generated over 400 million opportunities for millions of professionals around the world (190+ countries). Opportunity launched in 2014.

How does your matching algorithm work?

Our matching algorithm uses basic information contained in your profile to match you with other Opportunity members who are in need of your service or skills. Depending upon which profile type you choose, we take into account such things as Industry Types, Skills, Location, Company Size, Employment Types and more... Our algorithm drills even deeper to discover other commonalities between you and others such as Gender Preferences, Hometowns, Age Preferences, Interests, Job Preferences as well as people you already know who you have in common.  Additionally, Opportunity is able to discover hidden leads among your existing networks (such as LinkedIn). Each time someone in your existing networks join Opportunity and indicate they need what you offer (and vice versa), we let you (and them) know of the opportunity!

Can I create multiple profiles at one time?

Yes! Opportunity can be used for various reasons (generating sales leads, finding employment, hiring job candidates and networking). Each experience requires a separate profile. Click your profile image in the top right corner and ‘Add’ additional profile types. Once you’ve selected the profile type you wish to create, click the ‘Edit’ link and begin adding information to the profile. Note: The more information you can provide us, the better the quality of matches (leads) we can generate. You can only create 1 profile per profile type. In other words, you can only have 1 Job Seeker profile, 1 Networker profile, and so on…

How long does it take to create a profile?

Creating a profile takes less than 2 minutes - much less time than is required by most other networks. We ask for basic information (name, email, etc)... as well as a series of questions needed to help begin to find you opportunities. Depending upon which profile type you choose this may include: which industries you are involved in, your skills, employment type, where you do business or seek employment (regions), which types of people you would like to connect with (based on interests, gender, age), and more.

Do you have a mobile app?

Yes!  The Apps are available for both iOS and Android.  The mobile app serves as a companion app to our website - allowing you to manage your opportunities (label them, message them, etc).  Additionally, our mobile app will notify you each time we identify someone in your vicinity who can bring you an opportunity (a new sales opportunity, job opportunity, etc).

Why is ‘Forgot Password’ not working?

If you are having a difficult time receiving your Password it may be due to your email settings / preferences filtering our email.  Please check your Spam folder. If you are unable to locate your Password Request, please email One of our support specialists will be able to assist you.

Why do I have limited access to my opportunities?

Basic Members can access and manage a limited number of opportunities (leads).  These are provided to you as a way to test our platform.  In order to unlock and message all of your existing (and future) opportunities, you must become a PRO Member. PRO Membership gives you unlimited access and allows you to take advantage of our advanced messaging features.

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