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We're taking the work out of networking

The Opportunity Team

Janis Krums


A visionary, skilled in the art of networking and making things happen. Also known for taking the famous picture of the Hudson Plane Crash that went viral on Twitter.

Bill Jula


A serial entrepreneur with extensive experience building professional networks. Enjoys brainstorming business ideas and beating Janis in basketball in his spare time.

Kaspars Kučers

Lead Developer

Wizard level 99 coding guru who loves to make things simpler and run faster. Always thinks twice before doing something. Loves conspiracy theories. Trusts in science.

Viesturs Kavacs

Ninja Developer

Doing stuff to keep things going. Speaks a few languages, codes many more. Loves technology, science, sarcasm and watching George Carlin over and over again.

Megan Baers

Operations & Support

Just a small town girl living in a connected world, Megan oversees member communication and business development. A rising star and strong advocate for women in tech.

Uldis Žeidurs

Mobile Developer

A one-man-army that builds complete solutions and knows How and Why. Trusts in numbers, believes in The Matrix, shares the religious views of Tim Minchin and plays ice hockey.

Valts Katlaps

Senior Developer

With the background of bespoke enterprise systems, has access to magic unicorn stuff and applies it when needed. Skilled drone racer. Can turn any plant into a cactus.

Madars Lapčenoks

System Administrator

I'm the server guy.

Name: You

Position: You Name It!

We're in hiring mode. Developers, sales, marketing, support... If you think you have a set of skills that can help take Opportunity to the next level, tell us why. If you're talented, we'll find a spot for you. Email Us: support@myopportunity.com.