Shree Vaidya photo

Shree Vaidya

Sales Lead
Works at Professional Aesthetics & SecuWrite Training
Grantham, United Kingdom

Company Description

We offer the following products & services: (1) Anti-aging Consultant, Author, Trainer in Beauty / Cosmetology procedures. (2) lso designed a simple exercise program: Gymless Fitness by Evolving Youga to 21st century (Evol-Yoga)! 25 simple activities in under 15 minutes, i.e., 1% of yopur day. Designed for extremely busy or lazy people! (3) Wonervibes Massage Chairs are coin operated massage chairs for placement in retail or public premises. (Watch this space)

Products or Services I Sell

  • Anti-aging Consultant
  • Author
  • Beauty / Cosmetology
  • Coaching - Stress Management

Products or Services I Buy

  • 3D Character Animation
  • Accounting - Bookkeeping
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Online Media