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Nannette LaRee Hernandez

Perth, Western Australia, Australia

My Networking Pitch

Sexual Anthropologist and American Authoress Nannette LaRee Hernandez, is currently the leading PTSD-Related Intimacy-Issues Expert in the world, and an anomaly when it comes to having a very clear understanding of the Primal Instinct of Men. In 2018, Nannette's work lead her to discover "The Agony Elementâ„¢: a methodical context in which numerous aspects of Acute, Chronic and Complex Traumas are alleviated through sex acts with an accommodating, accepting and trusted partner."

Industry Experience

  • Author
  • Dating and Relationship Coaching
  • Military
  • Publishing
  • Writing and Editing

Personal Interests

  • Arts
  • Cooking
  • PTSD Military
  • Publishing
  • Reading