Jennifer Shortt photo

Jennifer Shortt

Sales Lead
Phoenix, AZ

Company Description

We help Realtors, Auto Dealers, Loan Officers, Tax Professionals, and other business owners close more deals! Cash is King until Credit is needed to get that house, car, or job. We help financially-challenged clients boost their credit score and protect their financial future. Looking to partner with professionals in all 50 States to positively impact communities and educate individuals on financial literacy! Also expanding if you'd like another income stream. Text 'startup' to (706) 853-2498.

Products or Services I Sell

  • Consumer Services
  • Finance - Credit Repair
  • Financial Services
  • Network Marketing
  • Real Estate

Products or Services I Buy

  • Automotive - Sales
  • Real Estate - Buyer
  • Real Estate - Realtor
  • Residential Real Estate
  • Tax Professional