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Class12 Chemistry

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Rīga, Latvia, Willing to relocate

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Class 12 chemistry notes CBSE class 12 Chemistry Notes contain very easy language so that even a weak student can understand these very easily. As we knew that Chemistry require crystal clear logic and reasons to understand any concept. Our Chemistry notes class 12 fulfill all requirements that student needs to achieve their goal of getting maximum marks in their exams.Class 12 chemistry notes have p

Industry Experience

  • Audiologist
  • 3D Scanning
  • Alternative Energy - Battery Storage

Professional Experience

  • Clinical Sales Specialist (1 yr)

Employment Type

  • Part time

Career Level

  • Executive

Matters About Job

  • Base Salary

Preferred Company Culture

  • Start-Up / Free Spirit

Preferred Management Style

  • Likeable

Personality Type

  • Extroverted (Outgoing)

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