Cửa Cuốn Lớp Wasaki photo

Cửa Cuốn Lớp Wasaki

Job Seeker
Viet Nam, Willing to relocate

Professional Bio

Công ty Cổ phần Iwaky Việt Nam cho ra mắt dòng sản phẩm “Cửa cuốn lớp” đầu tiên tại Việt Nam mang thương hiệu #Wasaki.

Industry Experience

  • Audiologist

Professional Experience

  • 3D Artist (2 yrs)

Employment Type

  • Part time

Career Level

  • Mid-Senior level

Matters About Job

  • Base Salary

Preferred Company Culture

  • Traditional / Corporate

Preferred Management Style

  • Likeable

Personality Type

  • Introverted (Reclusive)

Preferred Work Schedule

  • Traditional / 9 to 5 Office