Women and Trump: Perceptions of the Current Job Market by American Women


The Trump campaign and presidency has been a divisive one for women to say the least with the majority of women (54%) voting for Hillary Clinton in November. That being said, 53% of white American women cast their vote for Trump AND he did well among the working class in general. It's this working class demographic that Opportunity has decided to examine to better understand their feelings toward their current jobs as well as their expectations of the job market moving forward

Jobs, Women and Trump

Before we jump ahead and examine how women feel about the future, let's take a brief look at the present.  Within the 2,000,000 member Opportunity network, we asked female job seekers a number of questions about employment. Surprisingly, of those who responded, 61% identified themselves as currently employed but actively looking for a new job. 

Reasons Women Are Looking for New Jobs:
  • Better Compensation 27%
  • Career Growth 18%
  • Work Life Balance 14%
  • Flexibility (Work from Home) 10%
  • Location 8%
  • No response 8%
  • Company Culture 7%
  • Health Benefits 5%
  • Company Leadership 3%

Overall, 42% of women currently feel optimistic about the job market under the Trump Administration. The number of women who feel negative is 38%.  The remaining 20% of women consider themselves indifferent. 


Surprisingly, it was employed women who were the least optimistic about the job market under the Trump Administration, with 39% of those surveyed expressing pessimism. On the other hand, 45% of unemployed women have optimistic outlook towards the job market under Trump. Only 12% of women overall classify themselves as indifferent. 


Generally speaking, we found that younger women have a bleak view of the job market. Only 33% of Millennial female job seekers feel optimistic compared to 45% of Gen Xer's, 43% of Baby Boomers, and 42% of Traditionalists.  Coincidentally, these statistics were almost identical to male respondents as well. Regardless of gender, the younger you are, the least optimistic you are about the future of the job market under Trump. 


When comparing the perceptions of the job market in blue and red states, the findings are somewhat surprising. Contrary to election results, women in blue states (New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, California) were almost equally optimistic as they are pessimistic (44% vs 43%). Women in red states (Arizona, Florida, Iowa, Kentucky) however, were actually less optimistic with only 39% having a favorable view of the job market under Trump. 


Of the women who were polled, the most pessimistic were those who are involved in government & law (50%). The most optimistic were women working in creative fields (50%) and sales and marketing (40%). Women in education were split evenly at 33% between being indifferent, pessimistic, and optimistic.

The breakdown by industry is below:

Sales & Marketing
  • Indifferent 30%
  • Optimistic 40%
  • Pessimistic 30%
  • Indifferent 33%
  • Optimistic 33%
  • Pessimistic 33%
  • Indifferent 17%
  • Optimistic 50%
  • Pessimistic 33%
Government & Law
  • Indifferent 17%
  • Optimistic 33%
  • Pessimistic 50%

Although the majority of women who voted in the 2016 United States election voted against Trump, this demographic is not completely pessimistic about the future of jobs under his administration. There were some expected findings and some that were unforseen. As expected, Millennial women feel more negatively than other generations about their career prospects under Trump. Women in government and law seem to express the most doubt about their careers as well. 

Unexpected findings include the fact that women who are currently employed have the bleakest outlook, whereas those who are unemployed appear to be more optimistic and hopeful. It is also somewhat of a surprise to see women in blue states express more optimism about the future than women from red states  - who may already be feeling a bit of skepticism towards Trump's ability to turn things around in their region.

Datasource: Opportunity

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