Trump Approval Ratings: Opportunity vs. Quinnipiac

Opportunity polls its member network to understand Trump approval ratings among business professionals in the U.S.


A recent 30 question Quinnipiac Poll released on February 7th found that Donald Trump's approval rating of 40% reached its highest mark in 7 months (update: CNN just released a poll (Feb. 26th) showing his approval rating to have dipped to 35% in the wake of the school shooting in Florida).  In light of these findings and as a follow-up to our previous survey mirroring much of the Quinnipiac poll, The Opportunity Data Science team conducted our own survey among our users (business professionals) across the United States to compare our results to Quinnipiacs. Note: Some of the results may be influenced by our overall gender breakdown of the Opportunity network (70% Male vs. 30% Female.  Average age 42).  In an effort to remove any bias towards specific groups, equitable samplings of gender were used to be more representative of the overall voting demographics in the U.S.

What We Found

Approval Ratings by...

Party Affiliation
Note: Quinnipiac: Geography was not asked.


More Opportunity Survey Results:

If the election were held today who would you rather have in control of Congress?
What is your opinion of the Mueller investigation?
Do you approve or disapprove of the way Donald Trump is handling the economy?
How do you describe the current state of the U.S. economy?
Who is more responsible for the current state of the U.S. economy?
How do you feel about your current financial situation?
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