The Top 25 Countries With The Most Connected Workforce

Opportunity examined the professional networks of over 25,000 people worldwide to determine which countries have the most connected workforce.


We set out to discover which countries citizens have the largest professional networks.  In other words, whose workforce appears to place the most value on professional networking and relationship marketing.  To do this, we examined / surveyed over 25,000 Opportunity members from 75 of the world's most populated countries.  Our sample sizes ranged anywhere from as many as 4,690 people (United States) to as few as 51 (Jordan).  When examining the results, we removed outliers such as those people claiming to have extremely large networks (e.g. 15,000+ contacts) as well as those who reported extremely small networks (e.g. below 20 contacts).  On average, we sampled 327 people per country.  We were able to detemine the average number of professional connections per person by taking the total number of connections reported and dividing this number by the total number of people examined per country.  

What We Found

Below is a list of the Top 25 Countries whose workforce on average, have the largest professional networks.  One can conclude that the business culture within these countries place a higher degree of value on professional networking (relationship marketing) as a way to drive more business and/or advance careeers.  See Figure 1.

Country Average # of Connections
Ireland 1507
Hong Kong  1456 
Jordan  1369 
India 1288 
Peru  1261 
United Arab Emirates  1227 
United Kingdom  1223 
Israel  1217 
United States  1183 
Spain  1178 
China  1138 
Singapore  1122 
Qatar  1116 
Chile  1109 
Sri Lanka  1095 
Iran  1062 
Egypt  1055 
Turkey  1035 
Australia 1033 
Argentina  1024 
Russia 1021 
Vietnam  1009 
Indonesia  1007 
Bulgaria  984 
Romania  976 

Figure 1. The Top 25 most networked countries.  
This is the average number of professional connections per person in each country.


Of the 75 countries we examined, the average number of connections per person ranged from as few as 255 (Camaroon) to as many as 1,507 (Ireland).  As you can see from Figure 1. (The Top 25), people average around 1,100 professional connections.  Each region of the world is more or less equally represented (Asia vs. Middle East vs. Europe vs. South America).  Prior to developing this report we assumed the United States would have the most 'networked' workforce, given that the world's largest online business network (LinkedIn) got it's start (and is headquartered) in the United States (California).  So it was somewhat surprising to see the U.S. ranked as low as #9.  Also noteworthy are those countries that did not make the Top 25 list including large, advanced countries such as Brazil, Canada and Germany (who ironically has it's own professional network, Xing). 

Take a moment to compare the size of your own professional network. How do you stack up to people within your own country and around the world?  The New Year might be as good a time as ever to place more emphasis on growing your network.  Remember, it's not what you know... it's who you know.  :) 

Datasource: Opportunity

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