Business Networking Demographics At A Glance

As we continue to dig deeper into the data surrounding our 2M+ users worldwide, Opportunity examines our networker population to understand their preferences worldwide.


Opportunity members have the ability to create multiple profiles within a single account.  Profiles can be used for the purposes of:  generating sales leads, looking for jobs and job candidates, and basic networking. Each profile requires different information in order for the Opportunity matching algorithm to work. Unlike sales and employment, our networker profile gives us the ability to ask our users more personal information about themselves and their networking preferences including gender, age and more.  Members who identify themselves as 'Networkers' comprise 15% of the overall Opportunity network of 2M professionals worldwide.  Heading into this analysis we had one major assumption:  people typically want to be around people similar to themselves. 

What We Found

As mentioned previously, 15% (approx. 300,000) of our our current 1,500,000 members are using Opportunity to network with others based on shared business (and social) interests.   For the purpose of this article we've broken down these 300,000 users by GENDER (Figure 1) and AGE RANGE (Figure 2).  As you can see, the majority of people interested in networking is overwhelmingly male and typically around the age of 40 - fairly consistent with the make-up of the overall Opportunity network which also includes people looking for sales leads, seeking employment and hiring (give or take a few percentage points).

Gender % of Networkers
Male 69%
Female 31% 
Figure 1

Age Range % of Networkers
18-29 12%
30-39 33%
40-49 31%
50+ 24%
Figure 2

Looking a bit deeper into the data we examined which GENDER these 300,000 people preferred to network with. What we found was: 1). 93% of Male Networkers wanted to network with BOTH genders. 2). 5% of Male Networkers only wanted to network with other males. 3). 2% of Male Networkers only wanted to network with females. Similarly, 1). 95% of Female Networkers wanted to network with BOTH genders. 2). 4% of Female Networkers only wanted to network with other females. 3). 1% of Female Networkers only wanted to network with males.

Prior to examining the data we assumed the percentage of female to female networkers would be much higher given the popularity of 'women only' events and groups around the world.  This turned out to not be the case at all. In fact, the preference of male to male was slightly higher than female to female.  We also assumed a larger percentage of exclusive male to female networking preferences would exist (i.e. dating). Yet, only 3% of our combined networkers listed opposite sex only as a preference. Way to keep it professional!

Gender Both  Male Female
Male 93% 5%  2%
Female 95%  4% 1%
Figure 3

Next, we looked at the networking preferences as it relates to AGE.  Again, the assumption on our part was that most people would seek out people within their own age range.  For the most part, we were correct.  As you can see (Figure 4), 40% of the people across all age ranges preferred to network with those within their own age range.  The willingness to network with anybody based on age (see 'All Ages') is quite different from the openness to network with both genders (see 'Both Genders' Figure 3).  People are more picky when it comes to the age of the person they want to network with. It's somewhat interesting to see the consistency across all others age ranges within the matrix - as not a single outlier exists among the variations (i.e. there appears to be no discrimination when it comes to younger vs. middle aged vs. older).

Age Range 18-29 30-39 40-49 50+ All Ages
18-29 40% 19% 15% 13% 13%
30-39 15% 41% 16% 14% 14%
40-49 14% 17% 40% 15% 14%
50+ 14% 15% 17% 41% 13%
Figure 4

Lastly, we asked our networkers how interested they are in attending conferences and networking events AND how frequent they plan to attend those events.  1). 72% said they ARE interested in attending events.  2). 24% said they MIGHT be interested.  3). Only 4% said they had NO interest at all.  We also asked the question of frequency - how many events they would attend per year.  1). 17% prefer 1x each week.  2). 29% prefer 1x per month.  3). 29% prefer 1x per quarter  4). 17% prefer 1x per year.  5). 8% say never.  (Figure 5).

1x per week 1x per month 1x per quarter 1x per year Never
17% 29% 29% 17% 8%
Figure 5


The subset of professionals using Opportunity to network mirrors the overall breakdown of users across the Opportunity network by age and gender.  In sum, the average networker is a 40 year old male who has a willingness to network with both genders, and a slight preference to network with people his/her own age. Additionally, this person attends (or plans to attend) networking events a few times each quarter.

Datasource: Opportunity

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